The Rowandale is a cast iron stove that features a panoramic glass window which is serviced by a powerful airwash to keep the glass clean to show off the fire to its fullest effect. It comes with a 10 year guarantee


The ironwork can be supplied in the standard black finish or gloss black and cream enamel. A long leg option is available.



Product Information

Efficiency 81.8% Energy rated A

Height 575mm
Width 555mm
Depth 370mm

3.5kw – 7.5kw


The Rowandale stove in the standard black finish is shown within the Charlotte mantel and brick chamber.
With a 5kW output the Rowandale in cream enamel it is suitable for many room sizes burning either wood or smokeless fuels.
Rowandale in majolica brown enamel
The Larchdale is a dedicated woodburner and the largest stove in this cast iron range. It has the ability to take 50cm long logs and has an output of 9 kW, it is only available in the standard black finish.