The Bergen stove set here with the Claremont mantelpiece is sturdily built from cast iron and heavy duty steel. It is lined with thermotte firebrick which are cream in colour and stay clean. This firebrick retains heat to keep the temperature high in the firebox so that only a small amount of wood is required to keep a clean burn.



Product Information

84% efficiency, energy rated A+

Height 655mm – 25 ¾”
Width 545mm – 21 ½’
Depth 370mm – 14 ½”


With high efficiency output the stand alone setting here on a simple hearth gives full effect to the warmth radiating out of up to 8kW. The ventilated satin steel handle stays cool to the touch.
The Glasgow has the same distinctly large firebox allowing for logs up to 400mmin length as in the Bergen. The principle difference is that the legs are angular and just over 3” taller.