Should I have a polished or black finish for the insert or basket?

This depends on a few things. The black graphite is a traditional finish that works well with period pieces. It protects the ironwork from rust and the resulting patina over time will bring both light and depth to the appearance. It will not tarnish and is less work to maintain as it only needs to be re-applied every 6 months or so. The polished finish renders the ironwork smooth so that it is shiny and more contemporary in look. Oiling or wax is its only protection and it will tarnish where the flames of the fire come in to contact with it. It must be kept dry at all times so a cowl on the chimney to prevent rain exposure is recommended as ironwork will rust and discolour in contact with water.

Can I have pieces made to measure?

Yes, most wood, stone and marble mantels can be made to measure but there can be an additional charge. Most inserts and baskets are not able to be made to measure as they are cast in one size only; there are a few exceptions to this. The hearth stone can be supplied to any size to cover a structural hearth or space in flooring, there will be an additional charge.

If I have a gas or solid fuel fire will I need to have my chimney swept?

Yes that is necessary before purchasing a new product. For further information please contact our recommended chimney sweep.

Do you sell gas fires and can they be made to measure?

Yes, a templated gas fire can be made to suit most existing inserts or baskets. Customers can make the template themselves or can arrange for a Gas Safe gas fitter to be responsible for this. There is
a comprehensive range of gas fires and Amazing Grates can help you through this decision making.

I do not have a flue can I have a gas fire still?

Yes. You can have a balanced flue fire.

What can I place on my decorative gas fire?

There is a choice of ceramic fibre material that can be arranged on the fire bed. Coals, twigs, logs, driftwood and pebbles in various finishes and sizes are available. Whichever option you choose they will often blacken with carbon dust from the fire, this can be lightly brushed off. Gas fires are not suitable for burning paper, cigarettes or any other combustable materials.

Will I need an air vent if I have a gas fire?

This depends on the burning area of your fire. Most arched inserts, small baskets and firebrick fires do not need an air vent as the input of gas to the appliance is less than 7kw. In tiled inserts or larger free standing baskets the gas fire will require over 7kw input of gas to cover the surface area. Should the room which the appliance is intended for be in need of a hotter fire than this can be accommodated easily.

Will I need to have a chimney for a gel/bio ethanol fire?

No. Gel fires can be used without a chimney but there are ventilation requirements.

Can I have a hole in the wall fire to my own design?

Yes, we offer designs from various companies as standard options, but also have the ability to make bespoke pieces to customers individual requirements.

I am having a wooden floor installed, should I have it laid before or after the fireplace is fitted?

Fireplace installation can involve heavy building work so it is desirable that this is finished before the floor is laid. Likewise with sufficient care the work can be carried out afterwards.

Can my hearth be made to any shape and size I require?

Yes. Hearths can be made to measure or to a wooden template if supplied.

Do you recommend limestone being used as a hearthstone?

Yes we do supply limestone in different thicknesses, however only for use with a gas fire. We also recommend if this is your choice you should investigate having a rain cowl fitted by a chimney sweep as this will reduce the amount of rain and soot that comes down the chimney which will in turn help keep your hearth from staining. Limestone is softer and more porous than slate or granite and great care is required to maintain it.

Do you recommend that real fires are set with a 3 piece front hearth?

Yes. We generally fit the hearth in 2 pieces ie front and back for all fires. This allows a small expansion gap between the two so when the back hearth heats up it won’t crack the cold front hearth. For real fires they burn a lot hotter than gas fires and in particular smokeless fuel burns hotter still. If the front hearth is in 3 pieces it again allows expansion between the hot central piece and the cooler side section. Should the centre piece crack it can be more readily replaced without the mantle piece legs or insert being disturbed.

How long will my order take?

Orders take between 2 and 4 weeks generally, but if a setting involves bespoke items this may increase.

Do you offer a delivery service?

We do offer a local delivery service for all full settings, but ask that smaller orders be collected. For any deliveries there will be a nominal cover charge. The goods are usually delivered two days prior to fitting and we ask that either yourself or a designated person be there to check them over and sign that you are happy with them. This is to ensure that all products have been checked prior to installation and stored on site for the minimum amount of time.