MatriX 800

MatriX 800

The MatriX series offers the best of Faber. All MatriX fires are equipped with the latest Honeywell technology, so your Faber fire is guaranteed to work safely and perfectly. Together with the Faber ITC app, your fire is easy to operate and you can be confident that your fire works to perfection.


MatriX 800 500 I


Product details – balanced flue

Width 800mm (47 ¾”)
Height 500mm (19 ½”)
Depth 5470mm

Efficiency rating Energy rated B Heat output 4.1W – 8 -1 kW


Price from £3,500.00

The Log Burner® 2.0 brings memories of a flickering camp fire to life with standing logs in the middle, surrounded by lying blocks. The flames can burn in the middle or around the logs, as you like. The fire starts up in just a few seconds and the height of the fire can be set with accuracy.

The ash bed is lit from below with glowing embers lighting – Faber Symbio®. It makes the fire look full with a warm glow, even when the flames are set low. All of it is easy to operate with the supplied remote control. Additional functions are available with the Faber ITC app, via your smartphone or tablet.

Available as a tunnel version as well as in various heights and with up to three viewing windows this versatile balanced flue fire can be fitted in any number of situations.


MatriX 800 - hole in the wall
MatriX 800 500 III
MatriX 800