Bassington Eco

Bassington Eco

The Bassington Eco Skirted in warm white enamel is part of a range of highly efficient cast iron stoves. They have large picture windows, an airwash system for maintaining an optimal view of the flames and are protected 0.2with a lifetime warranty. It comes as multi fuel as standard


Product Information

Efficiency up to 84% energy rated A+ heat output 2.5 – 8kW

Height 535mm – 21”
Width 530mm 20 ¾”
Depth 364mm 14 ¼”





.The Bassington Eco Skirted set within a brick interior
.The Bassington Eco set within a brick interior
The Bassington Eco baseline shown here with a contemporary steel beam and black chamber
The Bassington Eco in the warm white enamel finish