TL Panorama

TL Panorama

One of the most innovative aspects of all Vision Trimline fires is that there is NO NEED FOR AN EXISTING CHIMNEY to be present. This is all down to the clever features of our balanced flue system which is fully room sealed. Not only does this make for a highly efficient and safe appliance, it can also be positioned in virtually any part of your home with a relatively simple ‘chimney column’ built around it.


Product details TL140P

Width 1416mm (55 ¾”)
Height 382mm (15”)
Depth 342mm (13 ½ ”)
Balanced flue Efficiency rating 68% Energy rated B Heat ouput 14kW

These Panorama fires make an amazing centrepiece in any home as the fire can be viewed
from all corners of the room. These highly engineered fires are truly trimless so there is no visible sign of their workings. There are six different variations for the chamber panels and six also for the fuel bed to choose from. The options are many and these fireplaces can be installed in almost any spot in your house to give warmth, beauty and interest.



These highly efficient beautifully designed appliances are available in a variety of different sizes and can be positioned in virtually any part of your home. Furthermore, meticulous attention has been paid to the realisation of our fuel bed and flame patterns to ensure a perfect recreation of a natural, living fire.


TL140P with TV