Studio wood burner

Studio wood burner

The Studio inset wood burning fires are available in four sizes, each with a wide variety of frame options. Alternatively the Studio can be fitted with an edge kit for a more minimalist appearance. There are also freestanding, bench and hearth mounted options.

Product details – 

Sizes quoted are for the interior of the frames

Studio 500 w 550mm (21 ½’)    h421mm (16 ½”)        

Studio 1     w 743mm (29 ¼”) h 421mm (16 ½”)

Studio 2    w 943mm (37”) h 446mm (17 ½”)

Studio Duplex w 943 mm (37 h 457mm (18”)

Studio 3 non defra w 1339mm (52 ¾”)  h 451mm (17 ¾”)




The cleanburn combustion system gives an outstanding flame picture of the logs burning and superior heating efficiencies make best use of this carbon neutral, renewable energy  fuel which is infinitely better for our environment.


The cost per kW of useful energy is now around 4p but wood logs can even be free if you gather your own (with permission) and have space to season it. Logs should be seasoned for two years or more to achieve the moisture content of below 20%.  If you can obtain Hardwood logs they are the best as they will have around twice the calorific value of softwoods.

All fires are up to efficiency rated 80%,  energy rated  A  

The recent introduction of the duplex Studio 2 connects two separated rooms by heating
both spaces and visually enhancing each setting.