Stockton 5

Stockton 5

The Stockton has been a very popular mid sized stove for some years.  It is displayed                                                                                                                               here with the Brompton mantel in wood as heat shields have been fitted. Now rated                                                                                                                                    as Eco Design ready there are sizes and versions to suit most homes.

The Stockton stove is now also available in both electric and gas versions.




Product Information

Efficiency up to 79.2% energy rated A output 2.5 – 7kW

Height 544mm – 21.5”
Width 481mm – 19”
Depth 312mm – 12 ¼”



Stockton 3 Designed to fit neatly into a 16” x 22” standard fireplace opening with the chairbrick removed. May also be suitable for houseboats, summerhouses and garden workshops.
Stockton 5 wide - double doored The wide format of this stove provides a choice of either the wide plain glass for viewing the fire or the more traditional double door.
Stockton 6 highline, owing to the height lending itself to freestanding. There are openings below the stove box provided for fuel and of course the hot plate above for coffee etc