Loft stove

Loft stove

The Loft gas stove’s tall firebox is framed with reflective black glass, adding a striking two-tone contrast to the matt steel body. The echoflame black glass lining continues the theme by mirroring the flames from inside. The Loft is styled with a steel plinth which raises it up from the hearth stone.


The balanced flue Loft can be wall mounted to achieve an alternative ‘floating’ installation which can be styled with the matching top section if required.


Product details – balanced flue

Width 481mm  (19”)

Height 815mm  (30 ⅓”)

Depth 379mm  (15”)


Efficiency  94.3%     energy rated A   heat output  2 – 4.8 kW

To give greater credence to it mimicking a real log fire a log store base can be added which raises the firebox up and real wood can be stored underneath decoratively.
There is a further top section which can be added to the unit for extra height to accentuate the stoves contemporary status.