E Matrix 800 650

E Matrix 800 650

If you don’t have a gas connection in your house or you don’t want to burn wood, the e-MatriX range is a beautiful feature option for your home.

Using unique three-dimensional technology to create an ultra realistic flame effect and very impressive smoke effect using water vapor, with the Faber e-MatriX you can create the fire just as you would like it.

You start with a basic fire and then add different elements: different back walls, the Symbio light module, ITC control with a free app, non-reflective glass and much more. The energy consumption of an electric fire is minimal and emissions are nil. Only an ultra thin flexible water hose and regular socket are required and they can be built in with the glass flush against a surround. This makes the new e-MatriX a stylish, sustainable and smart choice.

e-MatriX 800/500 I
Exterior dimensions WxHxD in mm 891 x 790 x 517
Fire display WxHxD in mm 800 x 500

e-MatriX 800/650 I
Exterior dimensions
W 891mm H 940mm D 517mm
Viewing window W800 H650