Contura 310

Contura 310

Contura 310 is available in black with a cast-iron door and a practical compartment under the stove which keeps the logs in order. Due to the size of the firebox logs up to 50cm can be used to produce a large and attractive fire that burns for longer.



Product details

Eficiency rate 77%  Energy rated A output 7kW

Width 750mm (29 ½”)
Height 850mm (33 ½”)
Depth 375mm (14 ¾”)

From £1,895.00



The Contura 320A with its artstone surround and cast iron door has an even, grey hue and is naturally heat retaining. An open log box comes as standard and a storage drawer is available as an optional extra.



Floor-level fireplace. The low Contura 330G enables you to place your fireplace at floor level. It is available in black metal with a glass door. You have a choice of three log boxes that allows you to design your own fireplace with different combinations.

The 310G is available in black or white with a glass door and can be combined with a matching wood store.