The Blokhus is a free-standing designer gas fire which comes with the Faber Log Burner® ensuring you enjoy a fabulous fire.


The Faber Log Burner® ensures you can enjoy a fabulous fire. With the single or double stacking modules, the Blokhus acquires its own character. There is even a module that improves the efficiency of the fire by up to 10%!


It is easy to control the height of the flames with the supplied remote control, which has a number of convenient additional functions.


Product details

Width 560mm (22”)
Height 1090mm (43”)
Depth 435mm (17 ⅛ ”)

Energy rate A heat output 3 – 6.1 kW












The gas burner is combined with the Faber light module, which lights the ash bed from below and produces an extra warm glow, even when the flames are turned down low or the fire itself is switched off.