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Close Templated gas fire

Templated gas fire

A template is required of the burning area where the fire grating sits and this needs to include the pattern of the restraining front bars. This template is best made from a firm cardboard which can be readily cut with scissors. A thick steel tray is then made up which is about 2 ½" high (65mm) which follows the template - it is important to check that there is good clearance for the resulting burner tray to sit in the right position. Legs are very often fitted to the tray to raise it to the proper finished height - this measurement is required at the time of order. These legs are are very often the way the fire is fixed in to position to keep the burner tray rigid - if not the lugs are added and the tray attached to a part of the grating. Grating will need to be cut away to accommodate the fire.

The options for setting these fires are pumice, coal, pebbles, driftwood or logs.
We can advise on choice and type of burner tray.



All prices include vat