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Contura 51L
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Contura 51L

Contura are the largest manufacturers of contemporary stoves in Europe and the first to carry the swan mark which means that they affect the enviroment considerably less than other stoves. A Swan marked stove has proven efficient combustion and the whole production process from raw material to waste is taken into consideration. The Swan mark places stringent requirements on, among other things, the efficiency and emissions of particles, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.

The wide glass area of this stove allows for a fantastic view of the flames from most angles, it has a removable handle and single air-control for ease of use. Cast iron transfers heat very slowly so the stove has been built to maximise convection for an effective even heat distribution for your home. Output 5kW. black or gray

width 19 (495mm)
height 24/ (630mm)
depth 16 (420mm)

Price inc vat 1195.00

How to light your Contura Stove: