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Clearview Pioneer 400
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Clearview Pioneer 400

Clearview stoves was founded in 1987 and has become Britain's leading manufacturer of stoves. It is the quality of passion and enthusiasm behind all aspects of development and production that makes these traditionally styled stoves so successful. The quality of the materials and the highest standard of engineering result in a stove that is straightforward to use, trouble free and simple to maintain.

The Pioneer 400 is a multifuel stove with an output of 1 - 5kW. It is so fuel efficient that it will burn only one kilo of wood an hour, stay in overnight and boil a kettle. It is available in seven colours and takes up to 10 logs. There is also a choice of solid brass or satin chrome fittings and three different height legs.

Width - 18.25" (462mm)
Height - 24 (623mm)
Depth - 15" (383mm)

1,316.00 for standard colour and fittings to include smoke control area system.

How to light your Clearview Stove: