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About Us

It all started in the spring of 1979, we had just moved into a substantial house that needed
everything - from the foundations up - renovated and updated. We had moved back from the hills of mid Wales restoring furniture to return to the capital with our then 4 young children. The Victorian fireplaces were intact throughout the house but we decided to remove three from the bedrooms and sell them in the antique trade, but no one was interested. Three months later we put an advertisement in the Ham and High local newspaper - the response was wonderful - not only did we receive about 250 replies but in particular we met other people who shared an interest in restoring period houses. Not so commonplace then!
It was that same weekend which spurred us on to investigate fireplaces as a particular field of interest: we had always loved our open log fire in Wales - by which we had rocked babies to sleep, read to our children, dried our clothes - and even griddled pancakes. It always was the centre of our home life.
Period fireplaces were different - there was a history - a development of technical skills and aesthetic taste that our recent ancestors were part of. Many of us were living in houses that had been designed for the fireplace to be the focus of the room and without them somehow the balance of the room seemed lost. We loved our fireplaces and so our interest grew. For us they are not just products, business, they are additions or improvements to the house that truly create the home and it gives us real pleasure to be part of that history.

We opened our first shop in Kentish Town in August 1979 and moved to our current premises in East Finchley, opening the doors on 1 April 1982. Initially we worked on sourcing and renovating original fireplaces, mostly cast iron from the Victorian era but also Georgian and Edwardian pieces. In time our experiences took us to marble and stone mantelpiece restoration, giving us an invaluable insight and understanding of their construction. Our workshops - which were at the rear of our premises - moved to Hertfordshire where we now specialise in the manufacture of mantels.
We have supplied many fireplaces since 1979 to diverse organisation such as English Heritage to the Tate Gallery - architects and designers - film and television shows and sending fireplaces to many countries in the world. In the showroom we find that the majority of our time is spent supplying beautiful, classic, simple fireplaces from all eras for individuals - whatever their budget - and hopefully giving them not just the centre of their room but the heart of their home